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Every minute of your wedding counts.

Don't miss a moment with all day coverage included in all of our packages


Every couple is different. Your Film is tailor made for you.

That's why all of our packages are completely customizeable.


Your Not Locked In To Your Package

You can upgrade your package to include longer films, a full ceremony and reception film or RAW Footage any time before or after your wedding day.

Because You Deserve The Best

You won't know how valuable a wedding video is until it's all you have left.

My main goal is to help you ENJOY every moment of your wedding day.

There is a reason weddings get a bad rap for being stressful – they can be! 

I’ve been there, I know what can and will go wrong. But when you hire me, you not only get someone to catpure your wedding day… you get someone to make sure the timeline is right, make sure you aren’t doing the ceremoney at the wrong time, or not allowing enough time for sunset photos. 

I work with you before the big day to help you know that you can truly take a breather and ENJOY your wedding. I mean… isn’t the reason we are all doing this is because you are about to marry the person of your dreams? I want you to be able to focus on the your future spouse, not whether or not the cake is getting captured. 

When it comes to the video you receive, don’t expect to find an awkward collection of clips with elevator music in the background around here. I jump in get right to the good stuff, the authentic, candid moments. 

Genuine smiles as you dip your heads together and share a quiet joke together, hands held together tightly because you never want to let go!

My mission (should you choose to accept it) is to create a forever film. A wedding video that you will cherish as soon as I send it through to you and 20, or even 50 years from now. I try hard to capture as much audio as possible, so you can remember what was said, and re-watch your special vows over and over again. 

All of our Packages include...
All Day Coverage

We don’t charge more or less based on how many hours we are at your wedding! We want you to have the opportunity to have every special moment captured, and that is why every package has our Nothing Missed guarantee. 

The difference in price comes from how much we edit for you. Rest easy! We film absolutely everything on your wedding day; bride prep, the ceremony, reception, speeches and everything in between! All of your footage is safe on our hard-drives (and in the cloud) and you can upgrade your package AT ANY TIME before or after your wedding day and we will edit and send through the full recording of your speeches, ceremony and even all of your RAW footage depending on your package (see below for more details). 

You can choose our base package knowing we will capture everything and choose to upgrade at anytime before or after your wedding day! We will still film your wedding the exact same way with Nothing Missed.

My Unique Approach

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1. The Get To Know You Questionnaire

Once you’ve booked your wedding day in with Flare films, I’ll get you to fill in a fun little questionnaire so I can get to know:

• Your story – how you met and what you love to do together;
• Who and what will be important to you on your wedding day;
• What you’d love (or hate) in your wedding video.

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2. Pre-Wedding Day Catch Up

Closer to your wedding, we will catch up over email, skype, or in-person to go over all of the details you have provided, look through the schedule and logistics of your day.

It’s also a chance to get to know each other better. So when I turn up on your wedding day, you already feel like you know me and you’ll feel more relaxed in front of the camera. 

I’ll also get a better feeling of your personality so I can uniquely tailor your wedding film. If you’re based outside of Brisbane we’ll Skype or Zoom instead of meeting in person.

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3. Filming Your Wedding!

Many videographers base their prices on how long they are at your wedding for. So when they have hit their ‘8 Hours’ they will say goodbye and might miss some key moments!

My packages aren’t based around hours, I don’t want to miss any special moments – so when I say full day… you can expect me there from your preparation until the dancing is underway (even if your speeches run over time). I will be there for an extra couple of hours, no problem.

On the day, I am prepared and ready to go, I have made contact with your photographer prior to the wedding day to ensure we are on the same page, and I have your ceremony and reception run sheet ready to go. 

I film on two seperate cameras on the day, one camera with me at all times and one remains stationary so I am almost always recording. I do this so I have a wide range of footage to choose from! Many couples tell me, “I didn’t even realise that happened!” or they see funny moments they hadn’t even seen on the day. 

During the formalities, I am as unobtrusive as possible and during your photo shoot I provide fun direction to get beautiful, candid, non-posey footage. 

As mentioned earlier, I stay until the dancing is well underway and I have enough fun party footage for your film. I’ll come and say goodbye and double check to see if there is anything else you need me for.

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4. Editing & Delivery

What sets me apart from other wedding videographers is the attention to detail I bring to the editing process. You’ll receive a 30-60 second sneak-peek clip 24 hours after your wedding for weddings in Brisbane and 48 hours after for weddings outside of Brisbane. From there you can expect that your final wedding video(s) will be ready 8-16 weeks later (please note that holiday periods such as Christmas can account for a slightly longer wait). 

Your 6-7 minute Highlight Film will be a ‘documentary style’ film, fully capturing your day whether that be moments between your family, your history or your fun personality. The way your video is structured is unique as each couple I film. I never start with a set template. 

I put a great deal of love and thought into the narrative process of your film and I feel as my knowledge of you and your wedding day and having been with you on your wedding day unlocks truly incredible cinematic storytelling.

When it comes to video editing I am a bit of a nerd and can spend days colour grading and including as much audio effects as necessary to perfect the look and sound of your film. 

I’ll provide your film via a private vimeo link for you to watch and download, and also on YouTube which you can easily share with your friends and family on social media or via email. 

If you chose a package that includes RAW footage or full ceremony and speeches coverage, I will also deliver this to you. Please note, I capture everything on the day no matter what package you choose, so you can always go back and upgrade your package to receive a video of your full ceremony and speeches after your wedding day. For more information please visit my Packages page. 

If you choose to have your full ceremony and speeches, RAW footage and/or the ‘As It Happened’ film… these will be posted to you via Australian post on a HDD or a custom bamboo USB as well as digitally via the downloadable vimeo link. 

The Investment

Build Your Custom Video Package

Q: So how much are your wedding videos?

A: Totally your call!

Build Your Very Own Custom Package

An investment into wedding videography is something you will cherish for your entire lifetime and the generations beyond.  After you’ve stored your dress, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, the guests have left, and all that’s left are memories — your wedding video will forever remain. And it’s that video that will tell your story.

Everything I do is tailor-made for you. 

Build your own package.


Yep, it’s super simple. 

Start With Our Custom Nothing Missed Package

We film absolutely everything on your wedding day, and you can upgrade at any time to include a full ceremony / speeches edit, or a full documentary edit! No more having to stress having to worry about where you should allocate your videographers limited coverage (“Do I miss my bride prep or speeches? ARGH!”). 

The Nothing Missed package allows you to start with everything you need, and you are flexible to customize it before or after your wedding day. 

Nothing Missed

Starting at:
$ 2800
  • All Day Filming with our Nothing Missed Guarantee
  • Cinematic Wedding Highlights (5-10 Minutes)
  • Comprehensive Audio Coverage
  • Final Video Delivery Within 6 Weeks
  • 1 Videographer
  • Cinematic Drone Footage (location specific)

A La Carte

Add any of the following to customise your wedding package

Exclusive Promotion:

Get Your 60 Second Social Trailer for FREE usually $200 in value! 

Contact me more information.

Designed for lovers of social media, get 60 seconds of the best moments of your wedding delivered 48 hours after your wedding. I’ll create a couple of different versions designed for stories (15 seconds), or facebook and instagram (60 seconds) for you to post. 

A neatly edited video presentation containing all of the speeches from your wedding day – start to finish.

“Remember every embarrasing moment of your wedding speeches!”

A neatly edited video presentation containing your entire wedding ceremony from start to finish. 

“Never forget your wedding vows”

A fully edited ‘Feature Film’ containing as many shots as possible. This film is edited in chronological order and contains your full length ceremony and speeches.

This film is a perfect way to reminisce and look back on your wedding day.

Get fully organised raw footage. This footage is completely unedited, but has been organised into the different events of the day. I also provide a long clip of all of the raw footage tied together.

If you are planning on having a rehearsal dinner and you would like to capture the candid moments during the rehearsal dinner, I can absolutely do this for you!

*Please note that unlike the above, this can only be requested before your wedding day. Our all day coverage includes everything on your wedding day, but the rehearsal dinner is typically another day. 

Ashleigh & Daniel

We are completely blown away by how amazing the videos are!!!!

We are over the moon and can’t thank you enough! The video you provided perfectly captured every part of our day.

So many people have commented on how great Richard was on the day as well as the video 🙂 

Thank you, thank you, thank you again! Wishing you both all the best for the future.

ashleigh and daniel wedding couple 1
ashleigh and daniel wedding couple

Samantha & John

“Choosing to have Flare Films document our wedding day was the best decision I could have made in the lead up to our wedding day.”

Richards’s ability to capture us, our love and all the other little things that happened on our wedding day (even though the conditions were less than ideal) was more than I could ever have imagined. Years from now I am going to look back on this wedding video and see the food and the reception and all the details I spent so much time planning. I can’t wait to eventually show this video to my kids, so they can see the same love and happiness that we have now. Richard gave us something that we will look back on forever! That’s priceless!!

flare films wedding couple about page

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are ready to book me, you will get your very own custom portal, and it’s as easy as amazon to add any extras to your package. You can of course always come back at any time and request additional extras before or after your wedding film. 

Anywhere! I am based in Brisbane, but I regularly travel to Byron Bay, Toowomba the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast for wedding videos. I can travel anywhere in Queensland, interstate and internationally! Please request a custom quote if you have a destination wedding in mind.

For anywhere within 90 minutes of Brisbane I don’t charge a travel fee. If your wedding destination is further afield please enquire about travel fees.

Unfortunately not. For two reasons: 1. I am often booked far in advance and thus prefer to offer only full day packages. 2. Wedding couples I work with are so thankful that we capture every part of their wedding day and they can look back on every moment after their day. I don’t want future couples to miss out on this!

The way my calendar fills up is a mystery to me! Often there are some dates that are left open and others which I end up having multiple requests for (first in best dressed!). My suggestion is to enquire with your wedding day and try your luck!

I specialise in wedding videography, however I’m happy to team up with your preferred photographer for the day. I can also recommend to you a selection of awesome photographers who I have loved working with in the past.

I believe in being transparent. You can view all of my prices on the Packages page if you haven’t already. Depending on your location there may be a small travel fee. 

I use two cameras. I use one as a stationary camera on a tripod so I can capture multiple angles during the ceremony and speeches. The other camera is a ‘roving’ camera which I use to capture dynamic shots throughout the day.

Yes! I use a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. It is a super portable drone that allows me to get cinematic aerial images at almost any location. *Please note* that at some locations I may be unable to film aeirial footage due to CASA restrictions. 

Thank you so much for visiting our website and for your interest in my wedding videography.

As you search for the right wedding videographer for you, the best advice I can give you is to choose someone whose work you connect to and LOVE. If you love my work, it connects to you in some way and you can imagine yourselves in my wedding films, then please contact us to check availability!

Let’s have an incredible time while documenting your most cherished memories!

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