How Many Hours Of Wedding Videography Do You Need?

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When looking at wedding videographers’ packages you’ll see that they span everything from a few hours to full-day coverage—with almost every option in between. Couples who aren’t sure how many hours they need may be confused by the numerous alternatives available. In order to pick the best package, you’ll need to consider a number of […]

20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

questions to ask your wedding videographer

A wedding video is the best way to capture all of your special moments. These questions can help you find a professional videographer that is capable of delivering an exceptional video for your wedding day. Booking your wedding videographer is a big step! Videography is an art form, and many couples don’t know much about […]

Is A Wedding Videographer Worth It?

wedding videographer worth it brisbane wedding videographer

Are you still not quite sure if a wedding videographer will fit into your budget? You’re not alone. For many couples booking a wedding videographer is a last minute decision! So to answer the question – is a wedding videographer worth it? Yes. If you’re budget allows for it. In Australia 51% of couples choose […]